DEAR GRETA (letter to Her)


I am pleased that you have also invited decision-makers to discuss climate change.

I'm happy with the impact you've made on the modern world.


But talking isn't enough. We need action.

Now we are trying to act against the consequences. .


In order to succeed, we mankind must act and correct the root causes of the worsening situation.




What we could do should be based on the startingpoint.

The reasons why the climate is changing, how people are changing the climate through their actions.


The most important starting point for every person is security to live their own lives safely.

It includes physical safety, as well as clean water and air, nutrition, human intimacy and the future. By future; mean our children; the only continuity of mankind.


Security is the most meaningful tool of the future.

We in Scandinavia do not even understand that there are countries; countries where people's lives are constant fear. Above all through the surrounding society. Where you may not be able to rely on representatives of society; the Government, the Civil Service; neither the police nor the military, and politicians don't care about the lives of ordinary people.

And not those of outside the law, and neither are the parties and/or groups.

It is therefore understandable that my own children are so important in these countries that I had many children take care of me when I got old, and I will no longer be able to control the oldage of my life.

My most likely nurse is my child.


That's why I hope and want a big family,and at least one of my kids took care of me.

Because society around us doesn't care about me.


That is why many children are needed in Africa and, to a large extent, elsewhere, to take care of my older ages.

Therefore, the population "explodes" in all unsafe residential areas.



Another important factor is culture. Culture; habitat with attitudes already as child is born.

From birth, the child sees, experiences and learns how to function.


This behavior is in each of us throughout life; old age little changed with our years of life, but always deep in our souls. It's about our attitude to the environment.

And influences how we function in our everydaylives.



Among those born and raised in other different cultures, that starting point of childhood is different because their childhood birth and growing environment has been different.

They behave "strangely" in relation to what is ours; in my culture "correct" . . .  That's whywe're afraid of different ; people who think differently, act, believe. . .




Therefore, people should learn to be interested: to find "different" people from different cultures across the country's borders, peoples. That, with future generations , the boundaries of diversity would disappear slightly at a time. Generation after generation. That we would understand each other.


That we are this planetan; The inhabitants of Tellus' Gaia on an equal footing. We hereby treat each other with respect for the rights of the individual: without violating the individual rights of others, calmly agreeing among ourselves and finding the best compromise.

It is much easier when mankind has roughly the same starting point when we growing up in rather similar cultures whose deepest values do not conflict.


And that we would understand that there are no unequal human specimens in this Earthly world Of The Blue Marbel.

To live and work for the common good of all.



This is our second most important task.

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